What exactly is this?

Macabre Memories is a professional photography company with a horror twist. We take photos of you and your family, you and your sweetheart, you and your pet, or even just you, as monsters. You and your husband can be vampires, you and your kids can be zombies, you and your friends can be the cast from your favorite slasher flick. With Macabre Memories, your imagination is the limit!

Can anyone do it?

Absolutely! We have a professional makeup artist give you a macabre makeover, then our photographer takes professional photos of you in one of our two studio locations, and finally we add a few details in Photoshop later. We've worked with people of all ages, from all walks of life. Kids are not a problem for us, in fact in our experience they love it.

Is it only scary stuff?


Nope. We do cosplay photography, fantasy, standard pinup and photobooth photos for parties. If you need unique photos for any reason, we're here for you.


Macabre Memories

1730 S Stoneman St

Anaheim, CA 92802


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